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As I'm also busy with various other F4F (musical) projects and my MAWA work, I've not as much time as I'd like to have, so please bear with me heart

Kind regards,

Marco Akamawa

P.S. If in the mean while you want to donate for the ongoing Bangladesh Mothers & Children Schoolproject... all gifts are very welcome! THANK YOU!

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I'm proud to present you my first music-album! It's entirely of own production however without the help of the Moon, Cassie 'Rebel' Rugg and her mom Gitte, Jogi Vetter, Rebecca Hosking and my parents Cor & Annie I'd not have been able to realize this. Thank you guys!

All 10 songs plus 4 free bonustracks are for sale at US$ 9.99, and the full 100% proceeds are for building a childrens' and women educational centre in Bangladesh, where I hope to be going personally to help building as well as record a documentary this spring.   

Thank you for your support!!! 

Kind Regards, Marco





There's a critical situation going on as follows:

It is mid-winter in Bangladesh now, and exceptionally cold. The kids (of all ages) at the CEWS learning-centers -CEWS is privately funded in order to shy away from local corruption- have no winter-clothes, sit on the floor because they have no tables or chairs, and in one center the teacher gives classes in an open air shack (there is a large room with roof available, but needs renovation. At another location a teacher uses a neighbours' porch -see photo's below- ). Clothing, schoolbenches or even isolating floormats are immediately needed for these kids so they can keep going to their lessons, they have no-where else to go except back out on the streets.  

Some money is needed NOW. We're not talking thousands of Euros or Dollars, we're talking about transforming peanuts into gold by providing basic survivalgear for kids. I frankly don't know how to put it more clearly... every single coin counts. Please HELP... In the mean while I continue building up Friends for Friends in the hope we can one day give these children the proper school they deserve. That will happen, but it takes time. And time is a luxury these kids do not have right now...

Personally I've no cash. So I quickly recorded a song. Because the situation is so urgent, there's no time for me to write, play, record a new one, so I made a new acoustic version of the beautiful (ánd meaningful) 'Through the Barricades' by Spandau Ballet.



Ofcourse I do not own the rights of this song. Copyright-infringement is not intended whatso-ever. I only own the love and effort I've put in whilst playing and singing it, in the hope that while you listen to it, you will be helping these children by donating 1, 2, 3, 4 or more Euros or Dollars if you can spare it.

All money will be put to good use (via Dr. Akther personally) and ofcourse I keep you updated via the F4F websites and Facebook. 

PLEASE let's go hand-in-hand on this one, shall we?


all major debit/creditcards accepted - secure transfer via PayPal  






Photo's: Sept. 2014